Participants are welcome to use any route they prefer; however, we are providing some recommended options that are both approximately 3 miles with options to turn back earlier for 2 or 1 mile options.

ORIGINAL ROUTE:  The Greatest Hits of Downtown Boise

START:  6th & Main…3 MILES
Right (North) on Capitol
Left (West) on Jefferson to 8th Street
Left (South) on 8th to Idaho Street
Right (West) on Idaho Street o 13th Street (1.0 mile mark exactly)
Left (South) on 13th to Main Street
Right (West) on Main Street to 14th Street
Left (South) on 14th Street to Grove Street (Linen District)
Loop back to 6th & Main Is approximately a 2-mile loop.
Left (East) on Grove Street to 11th Street
Left (North) on 11th Street to Main Street
Right (East) on Main Street to 8th Street
Right (South) on 8th Street past the Fountain and through BODO to Anne Frank Memorial (2.0 mile mark exactly).
Left onto Greenbelt; follow Greenbelt which will go under Capitol Blvd., past Band Shell to just West of Zoo
Left onto sidewalk/road, which goes directly in front of the Zoo
Left after passing the Zoo and continue on past Lincoln Statue and Idaho Historical Museum to Capitol Blvd.
North onto Capitol and Right onto Main.
FINISH:  6th & Main (3 MILES)!



START:  6th & Main
Left (East) on Main to 3rd Street
Right (South) on 3rd past Front and Myrtle
Continue on 3rd to Julia Davis Park
Left on road that runs behind the Zoo
Continue past Tennis Courts toward Broadway
Stay left and proceed up onto Broadway Bridge
Right on Broadway Bridge over River
Right onto Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Continue (West) to greenbelt/bike path along the river on the BSU campus
Proceed past Friendship Bridge toward Capitol
Take bike path under Capitol and then turn right and take footbridge to Anne Frank Memorial
Continue North on 8th Street (past Anne Frank Memorial) behind library toward Main Street
Right on Main Street to 6th & Main!

*For those wanting to extend the run/walk for another mile, continue on bikepath (West) into Ann Morrison Park to footbridge.  Cross footbridge and return back to 8th (Anne Frank Memorial).  Head North to Main, Right on Main to 6th & Main!